Zen Petroleum can help you source clean fuel and lubricants, provide storage and dispensing equipment, manage fuel loss whether by spillage or theft, enable complete accountability of all usage by all vehicles and machines, and enhance operator safety during the refueling or machine service operation.

Clean, uncontaminated fuel is essential to maximum fuel system efficiency in modern diesel engines. Without high quality fuel and regularly scheduled service, fuel contamination can lead to costly repairs and engine downtime. A fuel cleanliness study found that more than 50% of fuel used worldwide does not meet an ISO 4406 18/16/13 (2.500 particles /1ml /@4μm) cleanliness standard.

By careful management of the entire supply and logistics chain, Zen Petroleum can source clean high specification fuel and lubricants and significantly reduce the risk of contamination to ensure that fuel entering the fuel injection system meets the required ISO cleanliness standard.

Zen Petroleum is authorised and licensed by the Ghana National Petroleum Authority, to deal in the importation and distribution of Petroleum Products.